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Beijing Hyundai Co. , Ltd.
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Beijing Hyundai Co. , Ltd.
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Arts & Culture Arts & Culture
Education Education
Environment Environment
Health & Safety Health & Safety
Philanthropy & Charity Philanthropy & Charity
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Background Description / Mission Statement
Founded on 18 October 2002, Beijing Hyundai was the first automobile joint-venture approved by China after its entry into the WTO. In 2004, Beijing Hyundai was ranked among China's top 5 automobile enterprises.

"Creating concrete value for Chinese people's life" is the ultimate aim of Beijing Hyundai. To that end, Beijing Hyundai has strived to create a harmonious atmosphere inside the enterprise, improve the production chain, and to engage in community activities.
CSR Activities in China
CSR activities include:

Arts & Culture

- In 2007, Beijing Hyundai funded the fifth Women's World Cup

- In 2004, Beijing Hyundai funded the "Beijing Hyundai Night" community cultural activity held in Beijing's Shunyi District and attended the Beijing Charity Banquet and other activities

- In March 2003, Beijing Hyundai invested 118 million RMB and earned three years title rights for the former Beijing Guoan Football Team. The birth of Beijing Hyundai Football Team gave tremendous momentum to the development of Beijing's football cause. In August 2003, Beijing Hyundai laid out 2.08 million RMB to sponsor the Asian Nations Cup Football League, which attracted football teams from 16 nations. One month later, Beijing Hyundai offered 300 cars to be used in the 5th National City Games held in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province. In October 2003, Beijing Hyundai made another donation of 2 million RMB to a five-a-side-football game


- In December 2008, Beijing Hyundai donated 100 computers, 12 engines and 8 gearboxes to Shifang Vocational Secondary Schools in Sichuan Province to improve their computer education and automotive professional teaching conditions. It is the second time that Beijing Hyundai held the donation after the 5.12 earthquake

- In June 2008, Beijing Hyundai delivered 3,000 fans, 10000 boxes of repellent incense, and a large number of basketballs, footballs, badmintons, table tennis, as well as the nets, rackets, ball racks, tables and other equipment to Sichuan to enrich the students’ life there

- In September, 2007, Beijing Hyundai donated 110 computers to the Beijing Sun Village Research Center for the popularization of computers there

- In 2007, Beijing Hyundai donated 11 vehicles, 180 engine assembly, 50 transmission assembly, and other automotive parts to China Construction Collage, Beijing University of Technology, and Beijing Union University

- In 2003 and 2004, Beijing Hyundai donated 60 computers and 300 thousand RMB to schools in Beijing's Shunyi District in 2003 and 2004 respectively. On 14 April 2005, Beijing Hyundai donated 31 engines, 3 sets of car bodies and a number of spare parts to seven Beijing colleges for use as training equipment. In July 2005, Beijing Hyundai sponsored 30 outstanding college students from Beijing and Korea to take up company internships. In September 2005, Beijing Hyundai donated a number of computers, books, teaching materials and sports facilities with a total worth of 800 thousand RMB to ten primary schools in the underdeveloped regions of northern Shaanxi Province. In that same month, Beijing Hyundai, as the official title sponsor, funded the First National Motor Maintenance Technician Competition. In December 2005, Beijing Hyundai donated 28 cars for teaching purposes to colleges in Beijing and other areas

Philanthropy & Charity

- In May 2008, after the earthquake in Sichuan, Beijing Hyundai Motor Co. Hyundai Motor and (China) Investment Co., Ltd. donated 10million RMB to the Sichuan earthquake disaster area through the Chinese Red Cross as earthquake relief

- In February 2008, Beijing Hyundai donated 5 Tucson SUV, worth more than 1million RMB for the disaster relief in Hunan Province

Environmental protection

- Beijing Hyundai invested 2 million RMB to introduce low-pollution gas boilers and established a 1,200 tons capacity sewage treatment plant with an annual operational maintenance cost of over 610 thousand US dollars. Currently, Beijing Hyundai has achieved a recycling rate of 50%. Beijing Hyundai has also installed noise reduction and shock absorption equipment in its punches, air compressors and other machinery. Thanks to these efforts, Beijing Hyundai has reached the category II standard of “Industrial enterprise boundary noise standard” (GB12348-90). On 8 June 2003, Beijing Hyundai sponsored the "Green Development and Future" summer camp for Beijing college students with a donation of 4 million RMB

Health & Safety

- Beijing Hyundai has also been engaged in charity causes. In 2003 during the SARS epidemic, Beijing Hyundai donated Sonata cars as an award for the distinguished medical staff involved in the fight against SARS

Publications / Reports
Main Partners
Beijing University of Technology
Beijing Union University
China Construction Collage
Sun Village
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