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Unirule Institute of Economics
Basic Information
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Unirule Institute of Economics
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Anti-Corruption & Transparency Anti-Corruption & Transparency
Education Education
Finance & Socially Responsible Investment Finance & Socially Responsible Investment
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Background Description / Mission Statement
“Unirule”, or “Tianze” in Chinese originally stems from the words in Classics of Poems which says: “as the universe is created by the God, there have to be rules for it”. Thus, “Unirule” stands for Universal rules that in reality govern all fields, encompassing economic and political as well as social and cultural institutions.

Unirule Institute of Economics was jointly founded in July 1993 by five economists, Dr. Sheng Hong, Prof. Mao Yushi, Prof. Zhang Shuguang, Dr. Fan Gang and Dr. Tang Shouning, together with Beijing Universal Culture Co. that has been devoting itself to cultural and economic prosperity.

Unirule aims at promoting, supporting and also conducting high quality researches in economics and other social sciences. Meanwhile, since its foundation, Unirule has been unequivocally pursuing the practical approach in its research, as opposed to being purely theoretical, believing that economics should be employed for the enhancement of the well being of society as a whole.

Our services include: research and analysis for governments/ investors about PPP opportunities; training programs for governments in PPP solutions; advisory of investors in policy and concession regulations in China; research about specific preconditions for establishing BOT’s (Build-Operate-Transfer); market analysis  of public utilities services and future requirements; feasibility studies for local governments about PPP opportunities; attend independent consultancies for BOT partners; review of a project´s financial and commercial feasibility; preparation of the Outline Business Plan and Public Sector Comparator; review bankability; risk analysis and management for supplier/ governments from PPP’, BOT’s, TOT’s and other partnerships,  identification of potential bidders and debt and equity providers; assistance with bid documentation preparation; preparation and review of project cash flow computer programmes;  evaluation of commercial and financial sections of bids; consulting service of urban development.

CSR Activities in China
CSR activities include:

- In 2008, Unirule Institute of Economics hosted the 2008 Education Forum, organized by the Research Center of Unirule and supported by Tencent

- On January 6, 2007 Unirule Institute of Economics held the conference "Economic Human Rights" in Beijing, in which issued the latest "Study of Economic Human Rights" project. The project was supported by the Ford Foundation to study and assess the China's economic human rights situation and issued the "Economic Indicators of Human Rights"

- In July 2006, Mr. Mao Yushi, chairman of the Unirule Institute of Economics participated the "China - EU High-Level Corporate Social Responsibility Forum" and made a speech

- Early in 2006, Unirule Institute of Economics participated in the "China • Corporate Social Responsibility International Forum" held by China News Weekly

- In December 2005, Unirule Institute of Economics participated in the "China Alliance Inaugural Meeting 2005 Corporate Social Responsibility Forum China" hosted by the China Enterprise Reform and Development Research

- On May 1, 2005, funded by Ford Foundation, Unirule Institute of Economics studied public governance in terms of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

- In September 2004, Mr. Mao Yushi, chairman of the Unirule Institute of Economics participated in the "Moral Basis of Market Economy and its Policy Implications" held by People's University Conference Center
Publications / Reports
"Public Governance Index"
"Unirule library"
"Longitudinal world"
"Reflections on Change"
"People Economics Essay"
Main Partners
American Chamber of Commerce Center for International Private Enterprise
Asia Foundation
Asian Development Bank
African Development Bank
China Central Television
Central People's Broadcasting Station
Ford Foundation
Jones Foundation
World Bank
Xinhua News Agency
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