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Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd.
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Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd.
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Arts & Culture Arts & Culture
Social Standards & Labor Protection (Supply Chain) Social Standards & Labor Protection (Supply Chain)
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Background Description / Mission Statement
Nike, Inc. is the world's leading designer, marketer, and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Virtually all Nike products are manufactured by independent contract manufacturers, many of whom produce for other globally recognized brands. Most Nike products are made outside the United States.

"...Nike is about sports, but we also recognize our responsibility as a global company to address our impact in the communities where we live, work, and play. It is our intention to participate in the communities where we do business, and to act as a catalyst to improve quality of life through job creation, employee involvement, contributions, and partnerships..."
CSR Activities in China
CSR activities include:

"Let Me Play" Project

- It is a strategy which aims to tap into the potential of children and help them to promote themselves through sports. Besides China, Nike Company has introduced the “Let me play” strategy to some other countries in the world. In addition, the strategy varies with different cultures.

This strategy demonstrates Nike’s commitment to taking care of children. In the past two years, Nike has invested more than US$100,000,000 in the “Community Sports Plan”

Supply Chain and Social Standards

- In 2008, Nike released its report on supply chain to strengthen the supervision over the partner companies receiving fake certificates from the employees last year.

- In order to support efforts to move to a common standard and greater collaboration in the apparel and footwear industry, Nike has publicly disclosed a list of all its currently active contract factories (including China-based factories)

- In February 2004, Nike held its first global Stakeholder Forum. Approximately 70 people took part in this two-day event, including 30 Nike employees and representatives from environmental and worker rights NGOs, trade unions, investors, and suppliers. The forum allowed for a broad discussion of Nike's CR strategy and goals, including in-depth discussion around key emerging issues (China, women in the supply chain, and MFA) that might best be addressed through a multi-stakeholder network approach

- Nike continues to co-sponsor, with factory management, a program of worker after-hours education generally aimed at securing a high school equivalency for workers in footwear factories in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China. In the 2003/2004 school year, 984 workers graduated from these programs

- In China, Nike has worked with local NGOs to develop reporting systems for employee grievances. One such program, implemented in collaboration with the Ziao Chen Worker Hotline, started in July 2003. It began with an assessment of worker knowledge of Chinese labor law. Fifty workers were trained to be peer trainers on issues such as labor contracts, wages and leaves, health and safety, labor dispute resolution, insurance, and rights for female workers. Grievance communications systems were put into place and now include grievance boxes, a hotline, e-mail addresses, and access to the labor union offices

- A second program, implemented in collaboration with the Institute for Contemporary Observation, assisted with the Migrant Workers Grievance Program. ICO is also committed to developing worker's capacity in a variety of areas ranging from legal awareness, to occupational health and safety, to reproductive health.


- In Shanghai, most open-air basketball courts are located on school campuses where courts are locked up after school and on weekends, and at the times when young people most want to play. Since 1997, Nike has worked with Shanghai city and education officials to provide access to courts at five additional schools each year with a total of more than two dozen playgrounds open as a direct result of Nike spending. This step has inspired others and now hundreds of playgrounds are also open

Nike Foundation

- The Nike supported Nike Foundation, is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving the world's neediest girls the opportunities to lead full and active lives. In China, the Nike Foundation in collaboration with PATH and the All China Women's Federation is developing a pilot project to decrease the drop-out rate among rural Chinese girls while at the same time promoting education within society at large


- In December 2008, Nike donated 80,000 RMB to Soong Ching Ling Foundation during "Nike Star March from the South and the North in 2008"

- In 2008, Nike donated 10,000,000 RMB and goods worth 20,000,000 RMB to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation for disaster relief

- In 2008, Nike donated 4,000,000 RMB for the rare snowstorm in South China

- In 2004, Nike announced it will provide 275,000 USD over three years to help fund a joint micro-enterprise program run by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) and the Mercy Corps serving rural communities in Fujian province

Publications / Reports
"2008 Nike Corporate Responsibility Report -China"
"2007 Nike Corporate Responsibility Report"
"2006 Nike Corporate Responsibility Report"
"2005 Nike Corporate Responsibility Report"
"2004 Nike Corporate Responsibility Report"
Main Partners
All-China Women’s Federation
Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED)
Center for Energy and Climate Solutions
CH2M-IDC China
Fair Labor Association
Global Alliance
Global Compact
Global Reporting Initiative
Imagine Nations Group
Institute for Contemporary Observation
International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)
Mercy Corps
Millennium Development Goals
Program Environmental Resource Trust
United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
United Nations Foundation (UNF)
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
World Bank
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