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Aibai Culture & Education Center
Basic Information
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Aibai Culture & Education Center
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Education Education
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Background Description / Mission Statement

 Aibai Culture & Education Center is a non-profit organization based in China, which was established in 1999. Its mission is to promote equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities through three key strategies: strengthening community alliance; public advocacy; and medical services and care to people living with HIV. Currently, Aibai has branches in Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai and has volunteers throughout China and overseas. If you want to know more about Aibai, please visit its website at: www.aibai.com. Or please contact Aibai via email at: contact@aibai.org.

CSR Activities in China

1999-2012, national and international LGBT news editing and publishing

2005-2012, LGBT basic knowledge advocacy on campus in major cities across China

2010-2012, provide clinical nutrition support for HIV+

2007-2012, cooperate Community Leadership Training Program with Los Angeles Gay&Lesbian Center, sending LGBT activists around China to Los Angeles for one month internship

2006-2012, provide all kinds of training including Roberts Rule of Order, Capacity Building, Project Management, How to deal with relationship and so on for chinese LGBT NGOs

2011-2012, establish a transgender supporting group, to provide one-on-one and medical service for transgender community

2011-2012, cooperate with multinational and local corporates to promote workplace diversity

2005-2012, organize public events during important memorial days such as IDAHO(International Day against Homophobia) and World AIDS Day.

Publications / Reports

1) LGBT basic knowledge handbook

2) LGBT legal Q&A handbook

3) Report of the Online Survey on Homophobic and Trans-phobic Bully(Chinese and English)

4) One pager for Workforce Diversity Program

5) HIV+ positive living manual for HIV+ people

6) <Human Sexuality> translation(Chinese) and publishment

7) Transgender basic knowledge handbook

8) Guideline on HIV+ intervention under emergency

9) Students Relationship and Sexual Health Consultation Handbook

10) Common Superstitious Believes and Misunderstandings about HIV/AIDS

11) Peer Education for MSM and Outreach Workers Manual

Main Partners

Internews Europe; UNESCO China office; US embassy; the French Embassy; the Dutch Embassy; LA Gay&Lesbian Center; Shanghai NPI; Guangzhou Gay/Les Campus Associated; Guangzhou PLAG; Feizan.com; the Voice of LGBT

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