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Shenzhen Chunfeng Labor Dispute Service Center
Basic Information
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Shenzhen Chunfeng Labor Dispute Service Center
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Social Standards & Labor Protection (Supply Chain) Social Standards & Labor Protection (Supply Chain)
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Background Description / Mission Statement

Shenzhen Chunfeng Labor Dispute Service Center was founded in May 2005 and is an NGO aims to provide non-for-profit services for labor workers.


Chunfeng Labor DIspute Service Center provide library, rooms for leisure time activities as well as legal knowledge education, legal assistance, occupational safety and other serivices for labor workers.



Labor workers have equal opportunity of participating in community development and share the benefits of their work and economic development, live a decent life at the place where they work.


Protect labor workers' legal rights, strengthen education for labor workers on legal issues, improve their awareness of safeguarding rights,

CSR Activities in China

1. Legal assistance.


2. Legal and occupational safety training.


3. Visiting workers who encountered industrial injury.


4. Leisure time activities.

Publications / Reports

Manual for safeguarding labor workers' rights

Main Partners

International Labor Rights Foundation

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