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China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (You Change)
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China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (You Change)
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Background Description / Mission Statement
The China Social Entrepreneur Foundation is a nonprofit public interest organization with independent legal person status, which has been formally established with the approval of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is an innovative and non-public funding foundation that are comprised mainly of entrepreneurs and supports poverty alleviation and other public interest endeavors with a grant making model, the first of its kind in China. The Foundation is under the jurisdiction of the Office of the State Council Leading Group for Anti-poverty Development.
The Purpose of the Foundation
The Foundation takes the building of a harmonious socialist society as its goal, and encourages groups of entrepreneurs to participate in philanthropic work and fulfill their social responsibility. It endeavors to find a path for sustainable poverty alleviation in a manner which integrates the strengths of a supporting nongovernmental sector and a leading governmental sector. It sets focus on the marginalized disadvantaged groups emerged in the social and economic development, and undertake public interest activities for them. The improvement of citizen character-building and spread of awareness of public interest are also key targets of the Foundation.
CSR Activities in China

CSR activities include:
socially responsible enterprises and entrepreneurs
- The China Social Entrepreneur Foundation is a comprehensive platform for entrepreneurs to do philanthropy, a professional institute providing enterprises with comprehensive, complete, multi-level and tailor-made public interest and philanthropic plans, and a supportive strategic partner for enterprises to implement the plans. Because entrepreneurs are the stalwarts of society with the most enterprising spirits and the greatest economic strength, they are the fresh forces we most need to rely on in anti-poverty work. By helping entrepreneurs plan and implement strategic philanthropic projects, the Foundation will help improve and elevate the public image of enterprises, heighten their brand recognition and identity, and turn a positive social return into an economic return, thereby causing the enterprises to have the capability to assume still more social responsibilities, and bringing about a positive interaction between enterprises and society. Our motto is, “help enterprises to fight poverty as they develop and let them develop as they fight poverty.”
Volunteer Program
- On 5 December, 2008, the “23rd Anniversary of International Volunteers’ Day ---- the Ceremony for kick-off of The Action Plan of YouChange Poverty Alleviation Volunteers” was held in Beijing Diaoyutai National Guests Hotel. Mr. Fan Xiaodong, Director of OPAD, Mr. Dingxuedong, vice Minister of Finance, Mr. Li Chong’an, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of China Democratic League, as well as other over 100 guests from prominent enterprises, academe, civil public-welfare organizations and national media such as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Phoenix TV and CPPCC(Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Committee)News, were invited to present at the ceremony. The passionate atmosphere embraced the ceremony, which resulted in a favorable social response. The Action Plan of YouChange Poverty Alleviation Volunteers, which is counted as a strategic public-welfare program of YouChange, then was officially launched
- YouChange Poverty Alleviation Volunteers, under the guidance of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development (OPAD), the project has become a success after more than one year planning and half-year pilot programs. On October 14, 2008, it was officially launched after the approval of OPAD.

On 21 June, 2008, supported by McKinsey & Company, China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (YouChange) launched the program “Coordinating Mechanism for Social Resource for Earthquake Aftermath Re-building in City of Mianzhu”. This program was the first public resource platform in China ternately engaged by government, enterprises and civil organizations, the innovative mechanism to coordinate disaster-relief efforts after the earthquake
Project Evaluation and Research 
- As the first non-governmental organization participating in relief work, YouChange acted as a platform for coordinating multi-parties' efforts in earthquake relief, achieving the twin-targets of material and spiritual support. In order to draw upon the lessons and experiences in the relief work, the Foundation joined hand with the Horizon Research Consultancy Group and carried out the "May 12th Earthquake Relief  Assessment".
- "Enterprise Social Service Index" study is to follow the social service awareness and activities of enterprises, to analyze society's recognition of social services of enterprises and explore the overall environment for social services. It will encourage enterprises to participate in social services

Publications / Reports
Main Partners
Asian Development Bank
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Country Garden Group
Fosun International
Horizon Key Research Company
JP Morgan Chase  
Law school of Peking University
NPO Research Center, Renmin University of China
Wumart Group Co., Ltd.
Sino Groups of Hong Kong
State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development
Tristate Holdings Limited
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