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Tingyi (Cayman Islands)Holding Corp.
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Tingyi (Cayman Islands)Holding Corp.
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Arts & Culture Arts & Culture
Education Education
Environment Environment
Philanthropy & Charity Philanthropy & Charity
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Background Description / Mission Statement
Tingyi Cayman Islands Holdings is an investment holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of instant noodles, drinks, and seasoning flavors; agent and trading of Co.'s products; installation and maintenance of plant and machinery; providing management services; provision of property management and related consultancy services; property development; provision of engineering related consultancy and research service; and logistics services. The Group was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in February 1996. Each of the Company's major shareholders Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp. and Sanyo Foods Co., Ltd. holds a 36.5886% and 33.1889% equity interest respectively in the Company. Market capitalization as at 31 December 2007 was US$9.03 billion. The Company is a constituent stock of British's FTSE All-World Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Index and Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Hong Kong Index.

Seeds grow up little by little from sprouting, ground-breaking into a tall tree reaching into the sky by absorbing in nutrition and water from the land and then repay the land with fruits Likewise,"Tingyi" is doing the same Over the years, several chairmen and general managers of the group have been adhering to the business code that “serve people with what you’ve taken from them, and repay the society to achieve sustainable development”,fulfilling its social responsibility.
CSR Activities in China
CSR activities include:

For more than ten years, Masterkong invested more than 200,000,000 RMB in public activities in mainland China, involving sports, basic education, health care, disabled, disaster relief, poverty relief, public welfare undertakings, cross-strait cultural exchanges and the like.

Relief for the disaster areas

- In February, 2 anonymous employees in Master Kong donated 4,000 RMB to children in Wenchuan. Moreover, the company has a long-term care project in Wenchuan.

- In 2008, Master Kong donated 1,600,000 RMB for disaster relief after the Sichuan earthquake. Subsequently the company set up a local continuing care office, and funded 20,000,000 RMB and 10,000,000 RMB respectively for the foundation of 2 primary schools in Dujiangyan and Mianzhu and long-term assistance. On May 14, Master Kong donated infant milk worth 1,000,000 RMB to the babies in Sichuan.

- On February 3, 2008, Master Kong donated food worth more than 500,000 RMB to stranded people in Guangzhou Railway Station during the Chinese New Year.

- In 1998, Master Kong donated more than 35,000 boxes of instant noodles, 8,000 boxes of biscuits, pure water worth 5,000,000 RMB for relief in the flood in Yangtze River, the Nen River.

- Since 1998, Master Kong has always attached great importance to public welfare activities, and contribute 5,000,000 RMB to the Soong Ching Ling Foundation.

- In 1995, Master Kong donated 6,000 boxes of instant noodles worth 300,000 RMB to Hebei Province, Jixian, Baodi, Xiqing disaster areas.

- In July 1994, Master Kong donated instant noodles worth 1,100,000 RMB to Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Jixian, Wuqing, Chengde and other flood-stricken areas.

Arts & Culture

- In 2006, Master Kong funded 880,000 RMB for the bilingual evening “Across the Strait- Chinese Mid-autumn Festival” organized by China Central Television.

- Since 2004, Master Kong has been sponsoring Master Kong soccer team.

- Since 2004, Master Kang has been sponsoring the International Cultural Festival held by Peking University

- In 2000, Master Kong sponsored the National Secondary School Essay Competition

- Since 1998, Master Kong has been sponsoring Taida soccer term in support of Chinese football.

- In 1997, Master Kong sponsored the drawing competition "My Dream" for children across the Taiwan Strait and the mainland.

- In 1995, Master Kong donated 800,000 RMB to the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships. - In 1994, Master Kong funded the Taiwan Lanyang Dance Company’s performance in Beijing for cross-strait cultural exchanges. - 1990, Master Kong donated 250,000 RMB to Asian Games Organizing Committee.


- In 2002, Master Kong donated 1,000,000 RMB to Tsinghua University.

- In 1996, Master Kong invested 10,000,000 RMB in "Propagation of Action", setting up 19 primary and secondary schools in the poverty-stricken areas to support the basic education in China.

- In July, 1995 6 months, Master Kong founded the scholarships in Zhejiang University, Tianjin University, Nankai University, Tianjin, Tianjin University of Finance & Economics, and Tianjin Institute of Light Industry with a total of 600,000 yuan per year.

Water Creativity Competition

- In 2008, along with Tianjin Teda Football Club Limited and the 21st Century Business Herald, Master Kong funded more than 2,000,000 RMB for "Water Creativity Competition", which enables the public to see the problem of water protection. The competition was also supported by CyberMart Square, the Chinese Environmental Protection Foundation, Friends of Nature, Green Homes, NPO Information Center, NPO Development Center, Shanghai, as well as SynTao.

CSR Forum

- On April 23, 2006, along with Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, Master Kong supported the National Food Safety and Corporate Responsibility Forum in Beijing. The forum was also organized by the China Consumer Association and China Consumer Journal.

Public welfare

- On May 10, 2007, Chengdu branch of Master Kong donated 10 million bottles of mineral water to the traffic police in Chengdu.

- Since 2006, Master Kong has been funding the public activities by Love Association of Hainan University.

- In 2005, Master Kong donated 600,000 RMB to "Maternal and Child Health Express" large-scale public welfare activities, for five "mother health express" in poverty-stricken areas.

- In 2003, during the SARS, Master Kong donated products worth 1,150,000 RMB to medical staff in Tianjin, Beijing, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places.

- In 1996, along with the Foundation of Future Chinese Children, Master Kong donated 200,000 RMB to hosting "96 Dedicated Love to the Children," large-scale public welfare activities.

Publications / Reports
Main Partners
China Consumer Journal
CyberMart Square
Friends of Nature
Green Homes
Hainan University
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, China Consumer Association
NPO Development Center, Shanghai
NPO Information Center
Soong Ching Ling Foundation
The 21st Century Business Herald
the Chinese Environmental Protection Foundation
Tianjin Teda Football Club Limited
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