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China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
Basic Information
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China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
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Philanthropy & Charity Philanthropy & Charity
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Background Description / Mission Statement
China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) was established in March, 1989. Since it’s founding, CFPA has raised near 900 million yuan of funds for more than 200 poverty reduction projects, directly helping 2 million poor people. CFPA is currently implementing five poverty reduction projects including Microfinance, Maternal and Infant Health, New Great Wall, Project Angel and Disaster Relief.

To help the poor people in the poor communities to enhance their capacity of self-development;
To upgrade basic production conditions and primary social service level;
To facilitate alleviating poverty of the recipients and promote the recipients’ self-independence;
To intensify grass-roots management and organization;
To mitigate social sufferings and disturbance;
To deliver love and charity and to promote harmony and civilization of the human society through project assistance, recipient participation and learning-by-doing training.
CSR Activities in China
CSR activities include:
New Great Wall Project
- The New Great Wall is a charitable program sponsored and organized by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) on September 1, 2002 with the aim of providing financial and intellectual aid to university students in need
Maternal and Infant Health Project
- Maternal and Infant Health Project is a charity program for the purpose of helping poor mothers and children and lowering the maternal and infant death rate. The project began in Lijian County (now the name was changed as Yulong County) in Yunnan Province in September 2000. Up to now, the project has covered 1.2 million people in 6 counties from Yunnan, Fujian, Chongqing and Ningxia. The project partners include: Xiamen Zhongsheng Grain & Oil Company Ltd, Sina, Boutique Shopping Guide, Macau "Charity, Baby, Les Enphants, Shenzhen Haiwang Health Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Guardian Online, Beijing Trinergy Trade Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tiens Group, Tetra Pak (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing Cultural Square outside the city-home, Inn Medical Group, and Siemens
Microfinance Project
- With strong support from the LGOP, CFPA began its microfinance projects in 1996. Over the past decade, CFPA has cumulatively disbursed nearly 300 million RMB of microfinance loans to 130,000 poor households, directly benefiting more than 500,000 poor people. In 2007, CFPA disbursed 38,000 loans valued at approximately RMB 118 million, surpassing its historical high of RMB 100 million. The project partners include: Danone, Nike, Shell, Nuskin, Cisco, Microsoft, United Way International, Tsinghua University, Hong Kong, Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, the National Development Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bayer, Corning (China), JP Morgan Chase, Give 2 Asia, PlaNet Finance China, Mercy Corps
Project Angel
- The project goals are: To improve the management ability of the heads and main administrators of hospitals through corresponding training; To improve the medical treatment and services by providing practical advanced equipment; To reduce the management costs and medical expenses by providing the latest Hospital Information System (HIS) so as to relieve the problem of “getting poor” or “returning to poverty” because of diseases.
Disaster Relief Project
- The aim of the project is to provide assistance for the people in want. The project was supported by many companies, e.g. NU Skin, Nike, Dongguan Clothing Industrial Co., Ltd., Sinoer, etc.
Integrated Project
- The Integrated Program Department aims to improve the infrastructure of poor communities and raise the quality of life for local people. The project covers 3 types of projects including education and health, community development as well as training and employment. The components of the 3 projects range from primary and middle school, road and bridge construction, drinking water, hardware and capacity building to impoverished hospitals, arable land development, technical training and labor migration. The project adopts a partnership model between governments, corporations, local and/or international organizations. The project partners include: China Minsheng Bank, Les Enphants, Great China International Group, Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd., China Machine International Bidding Company, and shanghai jiading
Interaction for Poverty Alleviation
- The Launching of Interaction for Poverty Alleviation & Signing Ceremony of Minshen Education Poverty Alleviation Fund was held in the Great Hall of the People on October 17, 2005. Hui Liangyu, Commissioner of CPC Central Political Bureau and Vice Premier of the State Council attended the signing ceremony and unveiled the large public initiative, Interaction for Poverty Alleviation. As the first co-sponsor of this event, China Minsheng Bank donated RMB 31 million to CFPA for the establishment of China Minsheng Bank Education Poverty Alleviation Fund. Up to now, the project partners include: ABN AMRO Bank, Great China International Group, as well as many media companies
China Poverty Eradication Awards
- Approved by State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development (LGOP), the Awards was set up on May 14, 2003.
- The China Poverty Eradication Awards Ceremony is held every two years and the honorees are chosen by Selection Committee, which consists of experts, scholars and celebrities in the fields of poverty alleviation from both home and abroad. People and organizations are selected from all sectors of the society. The project was supported by China Construction Bank
Publicity Fund for Poverty Alleviation
- “Publicity Fund for Poverty Alleviation” on the basis of its charity activity of “Interaction for Poverty Alleviation” started on October 17, 2005. Through raising earmarked fund and systematic promotion activities, the fund aims to call the general public to participate in poverty reduction and realize the beautiful vision of “mobilizing the social force in poverty reduction and narrowing the gap between the rich and poor to build a harmonious society. The project partners include: SUVIUS International, Great China International (Shenzhen), Mengniu Group, China Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank
Publications / Reports
Main Partners
Asian Development Bank
Ford Foundation
Islamic Relief
International Fund for Agricultural Development
Misereor Foundation
PlaNet Finance
Mercy Corps
The Kadoorie Charitable Foundation
The World Children’s Fund
United Nations Development Program
World Bank
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