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Tsinghua University Center for Study of Contemporary China (CSCC)
Basic Information
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Tsinghua University Center for Study of Contemporary China (CSCC)
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Health & Safety Health & Safety
Social Standards & Labor Protection (Supply Chain) Social Standards & Labor Protection (Supply Chain)
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Background Description / Mission Statement
Tsinghua University Center for Study of Contemporary China (CSCC) is affiliated to Tsinghua University School of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is a research institute studying issues of contemporary China using a multidisciplinary approach. Members of the Center are all teachers and researchers of Tsinghua University, with outside support from Chinese and foreign experts.

CSCC studies frontier or important issues affecting development of China. It advocates a problem-centered means of research and methods of generating knowledge. The Center emphasizes cooperation on three levels: with government agencies to provide options for public policy making; organizing collaboration and exchanges among researchers to raise quality of research in key issues and to sustain such research; and providing data and opportunities of participation to young researchers and students to stimulate their interest in researches important to the country and society.
CSR Activities in China
CSR activities include:

- CSCC worked with International Labour Organization on "China Human Resources and Labor Relations Management Program" and held the Research Releasing Seminar of "Corporation Social Responsibility/Production Code’s Implication For China"
- Receiving fund from the Ford Foundation, CSCC established a series of labor research projects. "Multinationals Corporate Social Responsibility Movement Research" was one of the projects, and the research team was formed by CSCC and Shenzhen Institute of Contemporary Observation. The research included two parts. One was about the operation ways and theory issues of corporation social responsibility movement, and the other one was a survey on the production code’s implication on China
- Through the Asia Foundation, Lee-Strauss consigned CSCC and Guangdong Women Cadres’ School to implement the “The Pearl River Delta Migrant Women Worker Training” Program. The program has established 6 training points, and thousands of workers have received the training
-CSCC carried out corporation responsibility research program
Publications / Reports
"Social Responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and China Society" (2003)
"Corporation Social Responsibility’s Implication On China" (2002)
Main Partners
Chinese Enterprises Association
Ford Foundation
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Shenzhen Institute of Contemporary Observation
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