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China Association of Microfinance (CAM)
Basic Information
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China Association of Microfinance (CAM)
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Finance & Socially Responsible Investment Finance & Socially Responsible Investment
Philanthropy & Charity Philanthropy & Charity
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Background Description / Mission Statement
The China Association for Microfinance (CAM) consists of domestic MFIs (Microfinance Institutions), national and international institutions, and individuals interested in supporting the microfinance industry. It is a cooperative, self-disciplinary organization which follows national laws, policies, and guidelines to promote the development of the microfinance industry.

CAM’s mission includes: promoting governmental support of microfinance; strengthening international cooperation on microfinance; strengthening industry self-discipline; enhancing the management capacity of MFIs; raising funds for microfinance development; providing financial services to those with low incomes or living in poverty; and contributing to the all-round objective of building a well-off society.
CSR Activities in China
CSR activities include:

- In May 2009, along with Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center, the All-China Women's Federation, Rural Development Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, CAM supported the 2009 China Banking Association - micro-business Awards held by China Banking Association and sponsored by Citigroup Foundation

- On March 13, 2009, along with School of Economics Peking University, CAM co-organized the seminar "Microfinance and Socially Responsible Investing"

- In November 2005, CAM held the “Microfinance and Woman Development in Asia” symposium at the Beijing Hi-tech Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event aimed to: strengthen cooperation and exchange in microfinance among developing countries in Asia; absorb the experience of different countries; build a regional cooperative network; and facilitate the sustainable development of microfinance

- In 2003, CAM held the “Microfinance and China’s Poverty Alleviation” symposium, which was funded by the United Nations Development Program and the Ford Foundation

- Together with the Citi Bank Microfinance Training Centre, CAM periodically held various training programs, such as: “Risk Management: Internal Control and Fraud Prevention,” “Theories and Practices on Microfinance,” “Accountancy System,” “Default Management and Sustainable Interest Rate Setting,” CGAP(TOT), etc

Publications / Reports
“2008 Micro-credit Sector Assessment Report”(2008)
Main Partners
China International Center For Economic And Technical Exchanges
Citi Bank
Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
United Nations Development Programme
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