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Guide on Social Responsibility for Chinese International Contractors

Social responsibility is an important pathway to and assurance for enterprises to realize mutually beneficial development with stakeholders. Integrating social responsibility into corporate strategy and daily management is beneficial to the sustainable profitability and long-term development of enterprises, the protection of legal rights and interests of employees and other stakeholders, the creation of a sound operating environment, and ultimately, to the realization of the mutual, sustainable and harmonious development of enterprises with the society and the environment. The construction of social responsibility in the Chinese international project contracting industry concerns the transition of the industry’s development approach, the implementation of China’s “mutual benefits, win-win and opening up” strategy, and the healthy development of the global project contracting market.

Chinese international contractors attach great importance to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and in recent years has comprehensively promoted social responsibility ideas and practices. This has significantly improved the overall awareness and capacity for social responsibility within the industry. Based on the practices of its member enterprises, China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) has formulated this Guide on Social Responsibility for the Chinese International Contracting Industry (hereinafter “the Guide”), to establish a benchmark of social responsibility for the industry and to encourage enterprises to uphold their global responsibility and operate overseas contracting projects in a more responsible way.

The Guide defines, inter alia, the scope of application and the definition and basic principles of social responsibility, and provides specific requirements on social responsibility management as well as on core social responsibility subjects, including project quality and safety, employee rights and career development, customer (proprietor) rights, supply chain management, fair competition, environmental protection, and community involvement and development. The Guide reflects international consensus on social responsibility as embedded in the United Nations Global Compact and the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility; it also summarizes and incorporates recent industry best practices and enshrines the common understanding of the Chinese international contracting industry towards social responsibility.

More infomation please see Guide on Social Responsibility for Chinese International Contractors.

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